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Alex Nechaev Dojo Manager

Alexander Nachaev, affectionately known as Sacha by Calasanz clientele, will be head instructor of the new studio in Broad River. A certified personal trainer in the Calasanz System, Sacha is no stranger to physical fitness, having been raised by parents who were professional athletes in the former Soviet Union. After attending the University in his native Latvia, he came to the United States and became an instructor and student at Calasanz Physical Arts.

Sacha has embraced the Calasanz philosophy: express your power by putting your entire mind, body and spirit into it. He, along with the other instructors in the Calasanz System, want to make martial arts training accessible to everyone by tailoring programs to individual student needs. Most students are tired of conventional health clubs and find the Calasanz System much more exciting and interesting, says Sacha “I’ve seen students lose weight, increase their fitness levels, improve their confidence and learn self defense while having fun!” All this is accomplished in a friendly atmosphere and under the supervision of experienced instructors.


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